PRO Compression Armsleeves Black


PRO Sport Compression Armsleeves are ideal for athletes who suffer from (extreme) shock and shaking forces during the match or training.

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Product Description

For athletes who suffer from (extreme) shock and shaking forces during the match or training, Herzog Medical’s PRO Sport Compression Armsleeves are ideal.

The sleeves can be worn at all sports with dynamic and/or static strain to the arm muscles. The function of the sleeves, for example in motorcrossing, windsurfing and mountain biking (static load) is to accelerate the supply of oxygen and sugars and to fasten the removal of waste disposal. This reduces the risk of cramps and improves your performance.

With a dynamic arm movement (think of tennis, volleyball, basketbal land baseball) the arms and elbows suffer from big impacts. For example think about the force of the ball on the racket when performing a service or smash, a volleyball jump service or a powerful dunk during basketball. The compression of the armsleeves reduces the shock impact and prevents injuries.

  • Faster recovery after exercise
  • Less shock, vibration and pain in the arm muscles
  • Less risk of cramps during and after sports
  • Protection against elements (for example during Trailrunning)


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