Herzog Compry Recovery

The Herzog Compry Recovery system is an innovative device that provides a better and faster recovery after exercise. Compry Recovery provides your own personal and portable masseur.The recovery of muscle fatigue greatly dependents on the removal of waste fluids. Active recovery, by using pneumatic compression of the Herzog Compry Recovery, is a smart and handy way to recover faster!

How does it work?

Similar to the kneading and stroking done during a massage, the Compry Recovery speeds up the recovery. It enhances the blood flow and transports waste fluid out of the muscles.

Compry Recovery consists of two large inflatable legs controlled by a computer. Each leg has four chambers which can be inflated distally to proximally, from ankle to knee, up towards the heart. The chambers can be inflated independently from each other, this allows a slow pressure build up from the ankle to the calf, towards the knee and thigh.

You can even choose compression on the whole of the leg or concentrate compression on one segment of the leg. The pressure is adjustable in three different programs and has four different compression levels. You could compare the most firm pressure with the effect of a deep tissue massage by a masseur.

The lightweight Compry Recovery device is like your ‘personal masseur’ which you can easily bring with you: on the go, at home or on the sports field.

Do you want to experience what Compry Recovery can do for you?

We are happy to demonstrate the system to you. It is also possible to rent Compry Recovery at a low rate. In this way, you can experience the effects of Compry Recovery. Do you want to know more about Compry Recovery? Take a look at our website: www.compryrecovery.nl